To build a leading Real Estate Enterprise Originate from SINGAPORE.

Making a Difference

Mindlink is committed to improving peoples’ lives and livelihoods. We give back to the communities where our employees and customers live and work. We also look for opportunities to use our knowledge in collaborative companies to that help staffs, partners improving profitability. We are focused on developing leadership in the next generation.


Mindlink embraces new ideas that foster customer trust and improve our ability to deliver quality services.

Customer Success

Mindlink works base on customer-to-customer and market-to-market in seek to understand and support the people we serve. We deliver an agronomic services package that includes a wide selection in real estate industry services, advices and information tailored to every individual needs.

Unique revolutions had shown tremendous impact solutions for all in the region. Pioneered flexibilities challenge have therefore inspire the interest of all to come forward, achieving record breaking revenue, spearheading a dynamic future, developing sustainable long term business comprising each and every one.

Winning Formula

Keys competitive success seal in the unity of strength, fostered trusts, and continuous supports from the consumers who had journeyed with Mindlink Groups, helping them as fuel of growth to build a bright future.


Genuine care has defined us to be one of the finest estate agency for over a decade. Our open approach allows us to be agile and truly free from primitive system.

Mindlink it’s a way of thinking- about our company, about our customers, our partners and about us- today and tomorrow means for life.

Mind - means having fun whilst working, with the common mentality of working hard and playing hard at the god given appropriate timing.

Link - means with the given opportunities and capability of extensive networking and marketing strategy, earning our customers' loyalty, respect and also earning money.

Mindlink - means taking pride in the services that we are providing, and recognizing the value we bring to our customers’ lives by helping them build healthier homes.


Mindlink Groups philosophy is to serve it customers with an approach that is traditional yet innovative, conservative yet forward-looking and which is in sync with the trends of the future while relying on the experiences of the past as reference.

Linking Minds Achieve Real Vision

Linking: Synergize and leveraging one way or another. Multiplying one’s utmost capability and effectiveness. Helping people find best within themselves and drives each to their maximum potential.

Minds: Inspiring minds coming forward together as “one sharing the common goals and dreams. Having the passions involved in promoting peace and harmony, recognizing the value of building a better nation for all.

Achieve: Right attitude mindset, standing strong as a mover and shaker of all time. Strategy approach that is traditional yet innovative, conservative yet forward-looking and which in synergize with the trends of the future while rely experiences from the past.

Real Visions: Steer to be a world leading real estate organization providing additional services and enhancements as a top provider agency supporting all agents and to all consumers. Growing into globalization enterprise, spearheading a dynamic future and developing sustainable success for the benefit of all who has entrust their faith and belief in us.

Our five core values, which we strive to be every day in everything we do are; Honest, Loyal, Determined, Bold and Fun.


Linking Minds Achieve Real Visions


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  • Teamwork

    People are the heart of Mindlink Groups. Our professionals foster a culture of learning with the collaboration and support endeavour to drive our organisation to new heights. Regardless of role or function, we are one team — united in the common to make the real difference.
  • Ms Nicole

    Our mission always remains, to add value to everyone we work with, we work together with genuine care for the estate agency career has enabled us to be one of the finest estate agency for over a decade. With our exclusive relationships we have the ability to make a real difference
  • Lim SN

    Our brand name access brings you untold opportunities to engage with a variety of leading partners, on a vast spectrum of work. Be empowered by the experience
  • Teamwork
  • Ms Nicole
  • Lim SN